As a multi-generational, family-owned small business located in Wooster, Ohio, Spectacular Pet Stuff knows your pets are more than furry little friends – they’re members of the family and you cherish every moment you spend with them.
Spectacular Pet Stuff helps make those moments last a lifetime with professional pet photography and a unique line of printed materials – including wood-backed stretched canvases, vinyl prints, mounted posters, wall clings, and one-of-a-kind portable chair wraps (Victor’s Wrap) – that capture and display your pet’s special personality.
And because you’re unwilling to sacrifice anything when it comes to your pet’s safety and comfort, Spectacular Pet Stuff proudly offers some of the lowest prices available on top-quality, eco-friendly products from leading pet brand manufacturers, including Simpson Ventures, West Paw Design, Kittywalk Systems, and ShadowCasts.
We also feature the award-winning line of wooden pet products from Dynamic Accents, Ltd. Headquartered alongside our printing facility in Wooster, Ohio each of Dynamic Accents’ internationally admired products is crafted in the U.S.A. using old world techniques that add elegance to your home décor and eliminate nails, pins, staples and other dangerous pieces of small metal that could be harmful to your pets.
We’re passionate about pets. Let our family help you show just how passionate you are about yours!
Check out all the spectacular products and services we offer and contact us today.

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